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Books for a CamNorte School Library

A smiling Mrs. Carlota Frias- Martinez holds copies of newly-donated books for the Jose Panganiban Elementary School Library.

Because we believe in helping our whenever we can, we have donated printed copies of these two books to the Jose Panganiban Elementary School in the Philippine province of Camarines Norte.

This school is particularly dear to me as this is where I spent an important part of my growing up years, being born in Jose Panganiban and studying here from Grade 1 to Grade 2. The same library I used to frequent as a young child now holds copies of my first two books. Mrs. Carlota Frias- Martinez (shown in the photo) is in charge. The books marked the start of a publishing career in a new land as a Filipino-American grandmother and science educator. This, for me, is a special way of giving back to my hometown.

My First Book of Animals/Ang aking Unang Aklat ng Mga Hayop (which won the 2020 International Book of the Year Award in its category) and My First Book of Plants/Ang Aking Unang Aklat ng Mga Halaman are part of a series of bilingual environment-oriented books for children available on Amazon.

Buying these books on Amazon helps us distribute more books for free in schools that need them in the Philippines. Get your copies now.

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