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Our books have found a new home

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Our English-Tagalog children's books collection has found a new home at the James O'Brien Library at the Ateneo de Naga University, in Naga City, Philippines.

Also joining my alma mater's library are books by my daughter, Annie Cheng - "Nurse Mommies are the Best, and "Nurse Ube Sings Karaoke".

The James O'Brien, SJ Library is the Information Resource Center of the University. It exists to support the academic and research activities of the University. It likewise welcomes the opportunity of serving other institutions in the province and the region within the limits of its resources. The 3-storey building has a total floor area of 3,600 square meters and a shelving capacity of up to 100,000 volumes. It can seat up to 600 users. The college and the graduate school collections are housed in this place.

We have donated a number of books to add to the Library's set of Bicolano authors, as our way of giving back to university which has nurtured me for a significant part of my younger years.


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