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ON SALE NOW: Nature coloring books!

My First Nature Coloring Book (English) and My First Coloring Book/Ang Aking Unang Aklat Pangkulay (Bilingual) are now of SALE at Click on the images to go to the book's order pages. Order now for discounts on these fun books for children.

Why buy coloring books for your kids?

  1. Coloring activities help enhance their fine-motor skills, building small muscles that help them to handle small objects easily.

  2. Improves hand-and-eye coordination. Coloring requires attention to detail as kids work to color drawings within lines and shapes.

  3. Develop spatial awareness, helping them strengthen visual perception, an important skill for growing children.

Our books are focused on themes of nature and the environment as we seek to develop in young children love for nature and concern for the environment. The Tagalog-English edition is specially tailored for children of Filipino ethnicity.

Click on the links now and happy shopping!


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