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UPDATE: My First Book of Plants NOW AVAILABLE!

The book "My First Book of Plants/Ang Aking Unang Aklat ng Mga Halaman" is now available for purchase on To order a copy, please click on this link:

The book, like others in this series, is 6 inches x 9 inches, glossy paperback cover. Twenty colorful pages of popular plants, their habitats, parts and their names in both Filipino and English. Perfect for introducing your kids to the sounds and shapes of the Phillippine national language.

"My First Book of Plants/Ang Aking Unang Aklat ng Mga Halaman" banners a second wave of kiddie books set to be released on our shop in a matter of weeks. The release of My First Book of Plants follows the successful launch of My First Book of Animals/Ang Aking Unang Aklat ng Mga Hayop, which earned the nod of the International Book Awards 2020 as a winner in its category.

The book on plants is a picture book in English-Filipino. It aims to help parents, especially Fil-Ams and others of Filipino ethnicity, introduce their children to their Philippine heritage.

Actual photos, instead of illustrations, are used to familiarize children with objects and creatures as they appear in nature. Special emphasis is placed an appreciation of the natural environments as the foundation on which children can learn to love and care about its preservation.

In addition to picture books, a number of story books are already in the line-up. Stay tuned for updates!


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