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Join us for the 26th Pinay Gathering

The Philippine Expressions Bookshop is holding an event called the 26th Pinay Gathering to celebrate women authors of Philippine Ancestry during Women's History Month.

Ms. Jennifer Suzara-Cheng is joined by Gracelyn Bateman, Melody Lomboy-Lowe, Lia Ocampo, and Norma Samuelson in this activity, part of the 2023 Book Talk Series: Ms. Cheng is a Filipina-American grandmother, author, science educator, and multi-awarded environmental educator and advocate.

For a chance to talk and bond with our sisters in the community, you are invited to attend the affair set for March 25, 2023 (2-6 pm) at the Philippine Expressions Bookshop, 479 W. 6th Street Suite 105, San Pedro California.


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