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Get Nature-themed Coloring Books from Filam-Ecograndma!

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Nature-themed coloring books for kids 3-6 years old are now available from award-winning author Jennifer Suzara-Cheng of

Handy and easy to use, these books help your kids develop fine motor skills and get familiar with nature with realistic depictions of plants and animals. The author, a multi-awarded science educator, feels children learn to respect and love nature by becoming acquainted with true images of the natural environment.

Click on the images below to order these new releases.

My First Coloring Book/Ang Aking Unang Aklat Pangkulay is the latest in the Children's Nature Book Series which is written in Bilingual English Tagalog. The series combines nature awareness with the additional benefit of re-introducing children of Filipino ethnicity (Global Filipinos) to their heritage.

The English edition My First Nature Coloring Book is also part of a series that use living organisms as platforms for reading in young children.

This is in keeping with the goal of planting seeds of awareness in the minds of future generations, using real pictures and not cartoon depictions as examples. This early exposure will hopefully create in them a lifetime of love and action leading to the protection of the natural world.

The author says she is also open to collaborating with others in translating these books to other languages, making it possible for toddlers of different ethnic groups to enjoy using these coloring books. So, keep yourselves updated on new and exciting releases from this website!

Why choose our books?

  • Our books are printed on quality paper.

  • Centered on developing a sense of environmental awareness as an important step in appreciating and protecting nature.

  • Coloring books help young children enhance their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

  • Handy and easy to use by kids.

  • They also make for perfect gifts for your favorite kids at any time of the year.

What are you waiting for? Order My First Coloring Book/Ang Aking Unang Aklat Pangkulay by clicking here.

The English only edition, My First Coloring Book, can be ordered here.


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