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Filam Ecograndma joins back-to-back events

We are joining back-to-back events on October 15-16!

These are the Filam History Month Mania (FAHMM) 2022 at the Plaza West on October 15 Covina and the Philippine Fashion & Cultural Expo LA on October 16 at the Carson Center in Carson, California.

Filam Ecograndma is putting up shops during these event for meet-ups, book signings, and more.

FAHM Mania 2022 ( is the biggest Filipino festival in⁠ the San Gabriel Valley. It is now on its second year!

The Philippine Fashion and Cultural Expo (, meanwhile, is sure to draw big numbers as it features Philippine celebrites AiAi de las Alas, Tom Rodriguez and others.

Please mark these dates on your calendars, See you there!


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