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Filam-ecograndma donates Children's Nature books to Book-lat

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

As a form of thanksgiving and in the spirit of sharing this Christmas, we donated books to Book-lat, an outreach project for less privileged children in a local community in the Philippines.

Book-Lat project was formally launched December 8, 2011 as initiated by Malu Barcillano. This project promotes the importance of reading and the value of EDUCATION and recognize that every single page of an educational book provides quality learning.

Here, Book-lat tells us about it in a Facebook entry which we repost below:

"BOOK-Lat got these books as donations!

Thank you, Ms Jennifer Suzara-Cheng for sharing these books for the project! We hope to continue our book reading and sharing as a way to promote the value of reading to our less privileged children as soon as this pandemic is over.

Jen is friend and former colleague at the Ateneo de Naga University. She is a multi-awarded teacher at San Pedro High School in Los Angeles and the author of these books donated to BOOK-Lat. The ‘My first Book of Animals’ won in the 2020 International Book Awards in its category.

For more information and details, you may visit this site:

Dios Mabalos, Jen! I truly appreciate your generous spirit! May the good Lord bless you always!

Maogmang Pasko! "


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