Children Nature Book Series English-only editions released for Christmas!

Updated: Jan 18

In response to requests from patrons, fast-rising kiddie books publisher Jennifer Suzara-Cheng of has released English-only editions of picture books in her Childrens Nature Book series.

The Children's Nature Book Series use living organisms as platforms for reading in young children. As a science educator and an environmental advocate, it is the author's goal to plant a seed of awareness in the young minds of future generations, using real pictures and not cartoon depictions as examples. This early exposure will hopefully create in them a lifetime of love and action leading to the protection of the natural world.

"My First Book of Animals" and "My First Book of Plants" were earlier released in bilingual English-Tagalog for children of ethnic Filipinos with the first book earning the International Book of the Year Award for 2020 in its category. This latest release makes the books available to other young readers as well.

The 20-page glossy kiddie books make ideal gifts for children 3-12 years old. This Christmas, be sure to give something meaningful to your favorite kids. Get your copies now!

Please click on the images below to order this book on Amazon.

These books are also available at Barnes and Noble. Click on the book covers below to go to their order page.

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