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Jennifer Suzara-Cheng is a Filipino American grandmother who is passionate about many things, particularly the environment and Filipino culture.  This website reflects her advocacies. features products and stories that are aligned with values and practices that respect nature, promotes awareness of environmentalism, and seeks its preservation and protection. This, while also working to reconnect ethnic Filipinos with their heritage and motherland.  She calls the millions of Filipinos who have found new homes outside of their home country as Global Filipinos, carrying that sense of being a citizen of the world who are still deeply rooted in their Filipino identity.


Lola writes an award-winning book for Fil-Am grandson

Jennifer's book "My First Book of Animals/Ang Aking Unang Aklat ng Mga Hayop" got the nod of the 2020 International Book AwardsEunice Barbara C Novio of Inquirer USA sat down with her to find out the story behind the children's book.

Science Educator, Advocate, Doting Grandmother

A Filipino-American grandmother, author, science educator and recipient of multiple awards on enviromental education advocacy.  Born and raised in the Philippines, she currently lives and works in the United States.

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